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Thread: Eddieís nephew

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    Jul 2011

    Eddieís nephew

    I read that Eddieís nephew, who has a position in our scouting network, has just been promoted due to ashworth leaving. He was previously at Plymouth. Now I donít know the lad obviously, how good he is at the job, but promoting family members always, imo, leaves you open to having the finger pointed, jobs for the boys and all that. I just hope that those few fans who want Eddie gone, donít use this as more ammunition, he could very well be good at what he does,just think itís not a good move by Eddie.

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    I agree it's not a good look in a way. I guess you could make a case either way because, if he's good enough, then it would be unfair to deny him the opportunity just because of the potential for accusations of nepotism.

    And, for precisely that resaon, I suspect that he's eminently capable of doing the job because the club will have been at pains to make sure that he's good enough to put that suggestion to bed.

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    Did Eddie promote him? That is the question.

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    No issue with it.

    If it goes wrong it will be on his own head. He will know this.

    The lad will need to be twice as good at the job now to silence the critics.

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    My worry is we're becoming a Cherries old boys club.

    We seem to be racking up a fair few of Cherries staff and players.

    I do think it's not a great look but if he's ****, he'll be gone sooner rather than later.

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    He brought JT in, a managers No 2 is as big a Ďjobs for the boysí as it gets, but thatís not had any eye brows raised?

    Got promoted to what level would be the key question here? Also why was he promoted and could it be there is actual merit in the promotion beyond nepotism?

    Couldnít give a squirrels chuff what others think, if he deserves the step up then fair play.

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    The lad's a data nerd as far as I know. It's got nothing to do with Nepotism, the lad is genuinely among the top of his field.

    It doesn't matter to me where we find the back room staff as long as they are elite & have the right personality profile to be a good fit to the team.

    We have gone from 19th to 4th in 1.5 seasons. Played UCL football, Been to a cup final, Thrashed PSG, KO'd Man City & the Red Filth out of the League Cup, competing in the QF of this seasons FA Cup, Signed an awesome group of top quality players thus far & play an intense and exciting brand of football.

    If that's of concern to some people, I'd suggest seeking help from your nearest mental health professional haha

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    I saw his name being mentioned I was wondering was he related. I actually donít think itís a bad thing Eddie appointing someone he knows and trusts. Alex Ferguson had his brother in scouting and negotiating in the back ground.

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    I donít see EH as someone who would promote/employ a relative/friend who didnít deserve it. No worries here.

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    It seems Andy Howe's been a big part in bringing in Anthony Gordon and Isak, plus Tonali, etc, to Newcastle.
    I have no reason to distrust him even if he is Eddie's nephew.
    Who better to know his pedigree than Eddie.
    We all know Eddie's attention to detail and his thorough professionalism in management and especially for us.

    I'd be more worried if we brought in an unknown, you know-someone like an Ashworth who promises a lot and turns into a poisonous snake in the grass.

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