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Thread: The Wendies' new fitba sark

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    The Wendies' new fitba sark

    I'm trying to get my heid roond the furore (whilst simultaneously nae giving a sh it).
    Do I have this right......its being viewed as "woke" (used as a pejorative) because a cross the same shape as the cross of St George has been represented on the collar containing colours which arnae red and white?
    Hinting at the hated "inclusivity"?

    Nae that much of a stooshie about the fact that it's retailing for £85.00, or north of £120.00 for a "match" strip.

    The world's gone mad I tells ya.

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    I think it's because some of the colours used are also on the trans flag. That's enough to get the gammon in a flap.

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    £120 for a feckin fitba top is the real scandal there.

    I thought £75 for the Scotland one was bad enough (I’m nae paying it - fück the SFA - so no biggie from this end) but fück me.

    That’s an absolutely outrageous price, folk should boycott it for that reason alone…

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    It's at times like these that we really miss the input of Donsdaft.

    Some glaikit MP even posted on Twitter about it all decked out in an England top with the St George cross painted on his face.

    I suppose he has to play to his audience.

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