Most of you know I lost my best man and oldest friend 7 weeks ago from natural causes at 59.

Then we lost a family member at 42 just 3 days after a cancer diagnosis which came out of the blue.

My nephew David lost his best mate from alcoholism at 35 a couple of weeks ago, a lovely lad who I knew when he was younger and an aerospace technician of great intelligence.

On Saturday David suffered a second loss in a fortnight when his dad had an accident and hit his head causing a massive brain bleed, he donated his organs and the life support was switched off today, sadly, David lives in Mexico and is distanced from being able to say goodbye.

His dad was a friend of mine in our younger days, he was actually with me the night I met my wife as she was out with her sisterÖ..his wife, Iíd only recently met Tim and hadnít realised he was married at that time.

So thatís a 59 and 63 year old mate now gone in no time, the live people on my wedding photos are starting to get a bit thin on the ground now.

A fall by a really fit lad of 63 though, a complete accident and gone just like that!

Thought provoking I think.