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Thread: Kane

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    I am hoping that when we take to the pitch at Stevenage that Herbie Kane is in the line up , now I am not one for stats but I feel sure that when Kane has been missing this season through injury or suspension we have not played as well & overall our results have suffered when he has been missing , he is one of the few quality players we have at the club & that little bit of quality can make all the difference .

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    I gave him some stick earlier in the season, but we have missed him. Russle has a skill in that he can distribute a ball quick from his feet ( wont callmhim quick footed as we all know he isnt!) but isnt great at the long searching passes that Kane can execute.
    Lucaks game also doesn’t seem as productive when Kane isnt in the field. Lets hope he is back tomorrow

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    I’d have Kane in the team too. Our best midfield 3 is Kane, Connell and Phillips in my opinion.

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    Kane for some reason has plenty of critics but when he’s not playing our midfield is like a headless chicken.

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    I can't understand why he hasn't been playing the last few games. I think he had a suspension/ minor injury for one game then he hasn't been picked since. No doubt about it, if fit he should be in the team.

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    I agree however the last few games he's played he's been poor!

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    Not selected again tonight. Would be in the team ahead of Big Jon for me.

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    Well when he came on his first touch was to kick it out for a corner with no pressure on him 40 yards from our goal…..and his wayward passing continued till the end, the only passes that found a black shirt was back to the defenders so they could tippy tap it to each other, to eventually give it to Earl who has suddenly become our playmaker? Trouble is there were more often than not better passes on in attacking positions that he refused to make so he could give it to tippy and tappy! (McCart & Mael).
    The sooner McCart is wearing a Rotherham shirt the better he’s useless, but to be fair they all were tonight, Mael has caught Williams pass stutter where he takes that extra touch so he can be closed down, it’s starting to boil my piss watching them threaten to pass then taking that little extra touch so the opposition can either block the pass or cross or worse rob them to make a bee line for our goal.
    Roberts also gets criticism tonight, beaten at his near post for the equaliser and set his wall up poorly and then let in the free kick which should never have got through in the first place!

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