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Thread: Blackpool fan in peace

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    Blackpool fan in peace

    Afternoon Tykes
    For all you Barnsley fans travelling over to Blackpool next week would you be so kind and join in with a minutes applause on the 13 th minute for my mate who lost his son at the tender age of 13 months a few years back .
    He is also doing a fund raising event on the same day to raise funds for a local childrens hospice in honour of his son.

    Cheers BB3


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    I won't be travelling over BB3 but I wish your mate well and I hope his fund raising is a big success.

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    Jul 2011
    So sad to hear of these tragedies. I'm sure the Reds supporters will pay their respect

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    Cheers all if you can just spread the word that would be much appreciated. BB3

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