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Thread: Can Barnsley FC make the Play Offs ?

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    Can Barnsley FC make the Play Offs ?

    There was discussion not long ago about whether BFC could be promoted automatically. That option is now not mathematically possible.

    We have now got ourselves into a situation where it may be necessary to win on the final day to finish in the top six Play Off positions.

    To play--

    Barnsley---Portsmouth A, Blackpool A, Northampton H

    Oxford---Lincoln H, Stevenage H, Exeter A

    Blackpool---Barnsley H, Reading A

    Lincoln---Oxford A, Cheltenham A, Portsmouth H

    The scenario of Barnsley losing at Portsmouth and Blackpool, Oxford beating Lincoln and Stevenage, Blackpool beating Barnsley, or Lincoln beating Oxford and Cheltenham, could leave a table approaching the final day of--

    If Oxford beat Lincoln--

    5th Oxford 79 pts
    6th Barnsley 75 pts
    7th Blackpool 73 pts
    8th Lincoln 71 pts

    If Lincoln beat Oxford--

    5th Oxford 76 pts
    6th Barnsley 75 pts
    7th Lincoln 74 pts
    8th Blackpool 73 pts

    If Oxford-v-Lincoln finishes a draw--
    5th Barnsley 75pts
    6th Oxford 74pts
    7th Blackpool 73 pts
    8th Lincoln 72pts

    Even a final day draw for Barnsley might not be enough as Oxford and Blackpool would probably have better Goal Differences by then.

    What a fine mess you've gotten us into Collie. We could be doomed, doomed I tell you.

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    Can we make the play offs? Yes

    Can we win them? Head says no but heart tells me anything is possible

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    Would be so Barnsley to go and win at Portsmouth on Tuesday night and then go and lose the final two games .

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    Quote Originally Posted by animallittle3 View Post
    Would be so Barnsley to go and win at Portsmouth on Tuesday night and then go and lose the final two games .
    We WILL make the Play Offs if we win one of any of the games from the last three and lose the other two.

    We MAY not make the Play Offs if we only draw one of the games from the last three and lose the other two.

    All to play for. Go Well at Portsmouth the Men of Grove Street as they board the coach tomorrow (Monday). Lambs to the Slaughter or Collin's Bravehearts.
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    Can we make the play offs ? was the question asked , well obviously yes , I think a better question would be " Do you think we will make the play offs ? , personally I hope I am wrong but I think we will miss out but all season I have thought top 10 was the where I thought we would end & I actually think thanks to the recruitment of the owners we have actually over achieved this season , I was sat there yesterday thinking in all of my 63 years of watching the reds have I seen a worse defensive unit than we currently have ? and I am struggling to think of one & that includes all the cart loads of matches I watched them play in the 4th division , for us to pick up any points from a game we now have to score a minimum of two or even three goals & that is a big ask with our remaining fixtures , so its a just miss out for me but I hope I am wrong & we do enter in to the play off lottery , then its anyone prize .

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    I say YES we will make the play offs.

    NO to getting promoted.

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    Will we make play offs? I thjnk so.
    Win the semiÖ No. saving us all the despair and cost of a Wembley trip.
    I cant see there being any benefit to going up with the philosophy we have as regards recruitment

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    On behalf of the people who have spent their hard earned buying tickets to go down and watch the matches and travel away, I really hope a play off berth is secured.
    Although it becomes a lottery who progresses I donít think this team has a hope of winning them. What would be the point, we havenít got any sort of foundation to build a championship side on.
    Perhaps a general clear out and a bit of investment in playing personnel would serve us better and go again next season.

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    I think we will get in the playoffs, but could well just be scraping into 6th at this rate.

    Anything can happen when in them but Iím not particularly confident as of right now. Who knows, if we can turn this form around for the last couple of games, we may well put up a fight at least. Given we defend like school kids, we are going to need our strikers to find their scoring boots.

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    Come on guys, you have to make the play offs and as a neutral I honestly canít see you not doing. Not only do you virtually have to take nothing from your remaining games the others have to win them. Anything can happen at this stage of the season as we all know but games which look certs on paper somehow never turn out that way. Anyway Iím keeping fingers crossed that we get a chance to put what happened last season right when Wanderers just didnít turn up in either game and thatís not meaning to take anything away from your guys but we really were dreadful. As long as you donít let Blackpool in Iím happy for you to finish wherever 5th or 6th but since I donít know where weíll finish with Posh away on the last day, or maybe even if Derby slip up still making the autos thereís a lot of water to flow under yon bridge yet. Good luck though in all your games and how good it would be to see you at Wembley if Derby donít slip up? ��

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