I've just been going through the new deal and they have said there will be a longer advanced notice of which games will be moved. Home games on a Friday/Saturday and again the following Tuesday sound an interesting prospect for a visit home. I had been worrying that the cost of flying back would increase as I'd have to wait till 4 weeks prior to a game and if it's more like 8 weeks, I can book flights and hotels early and get better rates.

Having said that, even if we're in midtable obscurity, I fully expect we'll have more games moved than most. Each weekend, 5 of the 12 SBC games will be televised live. On average, we can expect each team to have 5/12 of their 46 games televised which is 15, so 7 or 8 of our home games. That, however, is an average. I fully expect at least half of our 23 home games to be televised. Idem ditto away. Quite feasibly more than that.

20+ games, live on Sky and only available on Sky in the UK and VPNland. All other non UK places will still have access to their club TV service and Sky/football clubs also have a similar thing to iFollow for expats.

328 SBC games to be televised live. All opening day and closing day games. All playoff games, EFL Cup games etc etc etc.... wall to wall. Too much? Some (many?) would say so.

I'm just glad that I still have my #RamsTV and now have more hope than I did yesterday, that I can still afford around 8 home games next and future seasons.