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Thread: Youngsters

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    Should have a few more coming through next season. Snowdon and Crew for sure but maybe two or three more - McDonald, lad at the back and the ginger haired left back.

    Whether el maestro will play them ……

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    Unfortunately everyone expects and wants instant success, fans, shareholders, owners, nobody can wait for youngsters to be blended in, they have to hit the ground running, occasionally you have one exception like Archie gray, if everyone was asked to give farke 3 or 4 seasons to integrate youngsters with a hope of success he’d be out on his ear after 6 months.

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    Some real talent coming through with the U18s / U21s, but as already stated, will they be given the chance? All these squads & the Academy must be fairly expensive to run and maintain, so if 3/4 players have the potential to step up, for gods sake give them a chance, if not loan or sell on. Look at Liverpool last season, never heard of half the players, but all given a fair crack of the whip. Leeds Academy, equally on par with the big boys, Archie Gray a prime example, home grown talent, nothing better, let alone on the financial side further down the road, it does seem an expensive luxury, not always fully made the best of.

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    Should be a clear metric in Farke’s job description but …

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    question for the experts on Leeds.

    Have we ever had a coach that played the youth players? Not just the occasional one that breaks through due to injury or the right last name but actually pulled them up and played them.

    I go back to wise/poyet with some clarity and can't recall any of them playing them. Even MB only played Meslier because kiko was banned. I know that some were brought up because Bates had to showcase them but he sold them as soon as he could for money.

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    O’Leary, Revie, Bremner, Grayson and Bielsa possibly.

    To be fair to Farke his squad is young but not sure how he lets players break through beyond the obvious one - Gray.

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    I thought redfern did when he took over temporarily

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    Forgot about him

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