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Thread: Rob Burrow

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    Mar 2012

    Rob Burrow

    A good man both during his rugby career and raising the profile of MND.


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    May 2016
    RIP Rob your efforts on and off the rugby field will always be remembered by many people.

    Condolences to your wife and young children at this very sad time.

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    Very well said SB and Chops.
    RIP Rob Burrows

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    RIP Rob Burrows a true legend

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    RIP Rob, such a tragedy for your beautiful family but you went out having raised peoples awareness of MND in a big way. Others will benefit from the funds you raised.

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    Mar 2012
    Apologies for the "s" appearing at the end of Rob's name. Should read Burrow. My error.

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    It's been extremely sad to watch Rob's declining health and how it's affected his family. But they have all approached the situation with such positivity that you just can't help but admire them all as a family unit and the great things they've achieved. RIP Rob Burrow and condolences to his family.

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    I have to admit that there were times in the past two months when I have looked at the TV and thought “why are they parading him about, poor man” But then realised that it was EXACTLY what he intended. Exactly planned to raise the maximum profile of this horrible disease and raise money to fight it and help others do the same.
    I take my hat off to him and his whole family. Astounding to have the last years of your life played out like that….but just how he wanted it.

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    The news broke just as we were getting ready to go out for our evening meal whilst on a 10 day cruise , I had Sky Sports news on in our cabin .

    We all knew this day was coming and the last time I saw Rob on tv it looked as though we wouldn't have him too much longer but it was still a huge shock and a very sad moment .

    The little man was a phenomenal Rugby League player , when you are Rob's size in Rugby League you need to have firstly immense speed and a big Rugby League brain and he had both in absolute abundance .

    You also need to be brave as a lion because even with the attributes he had you are still going to get smashed by 20 stone forwards every once in a while .

    Bravery on Rugby League field is nothing in comparison to the courage he displayed living with that dreadful illness and along with his mate Kevin Sinfield they raised millions of pounds for MND whilst also raising awareness .

    The bond between these two men whilst raising the money they did was phenomenal .

    RIP Rob7Burrow


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    A brave man in his sporting career
    An even braver man dealing with his cruel affliction
    Showed dignity to the end
    My deepest sympathies to his family and friends
    RIP rob

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