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Thread: Don't judge the book by it's cover.

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    Don't judge the book by it's cover.

    I had the pleasure today of toddling to my local .. in mini celebration that our rhythm guitarist ( a Tim!) had finally nailed all of his parts. He paid the bill ... which was pretty decent of him ..

    But ... in that wee beer social, I was introduced to a guy whose face was almost entirely tattooed.
    At first, like on first glance, I thought "Prick!"

    ... turned out, said rhythm guitarist was a chum of 'inkface' ... so I went with that proverbial flow ...

    There's a lot to be said for being long sighted .. because, with my specs off, I could see the form and contours of this guys face ... and not be able to focus on the details of the ink. ... Don't get me wrong ... I did get my specs on now and then .. and found no cause for alarm.

    In honest conclusion ... when I first saw this guy outside the pub ... I prejudged 'trouble' ... then I met him.

    By spending more time with him, I was able to see he was wearing an AFC cap .... he had an AFC ring ... and had 'AFC' tattooed on his upper left eyelid!
    And by not avoiding him have learned ... he is no angel. no demon, just one of "Jock Tamson's Bairns" .... even if he is English!

    And so ... said English, tattooed 'assumed at first glance by this generally tolerant guy ie . me! to be a prick' ...

    I had a decent chat with him .... and guess what?? .. .. turns out, he's not a fkn prick! ... although, like prob all of us, has the capacity tae be a prick when a push comes tae a shove.... but

    .... How many of us love our famous AFC enough to suffer three letters tattoed on one upper eyelid?? ... not me for sure! ...
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    I remember a boy whose whole face/heid was tattooed from the early 90s. He'd be about late 50s early 60s now I reckon.

    He worked as a binman for the council and came into the bakery for their pies and I near sh*t myself when I looked up and saw him.

    I mind he was a bit paranoid about folk staring at him, which must be the whole point of getting it done.

    I can't remember anything AFC related on his face, but definitely spiderwebs on his eyelids.

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