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Thread: Isted

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    Charlton have just signed keeper Will Mannion from Cambridge! Wonder if we will make a move for young Harry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perkytyke View Post
    Charlton have just signed keeper Will Mannion from Cambridge! Wonder if we will make a move for young Harry?
    I would like to think he would be one of the options we are looking at, I really thought he did well for us and strongly believe that Khaled made a mess of trying or not trying to get him here on a permanent basis and slipped up big time but yes I would be very pleased if he was Oakwell bound.

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    Not for me. He was a bit overrated imo. He had the best defence we've had in years(at yhis level) in front of him. His current wages at Charlton will be difficult to usurp and the transfer fee won't be affordable with our budget if last summer is owt to go by.

    I think we should look elsewhere.

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    Keeper is a key position.

    A good 'un gives confidence to whole team, a bad/ inconsistent one sends jitters through the back line, especially the kids.

    As Pass says 'Arry had the experience of Andersen, Thomas and Kitching to protect him.

    I'm not sure how he would get on with Pines, Earl and the young 'uns but, who knows we could be working 24/7 to bring in more experience. The recent comment of Sormaz that the defence was strong worries me.

    I haven't got an indication yet as to what pond we are fishing in to bring in the "exciting players" Flatman has spoken about to judge whether Isted is the best we can afford.
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    Iím a bit torn on him. He had his good moments, mainly his shot stopping but he also let a few in at his near post.

    In my opinion thereís some good enough keepers who are out of contract that I would like to test the waters with before having to part with a transfer fee. Although not sure how nominal the fee would be to be fair.

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    Must admit, I'm not sure either. He played well whilst he was here but I'm not sure he has the long term consistency in his game. It seems Charlton may be unsure as well?

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    It's an interesting shout, but Id say no to be honest.
    Remember he turned us down when Duff left, what was all that about. 😕

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    Not that bothered to be honest either way.

    As been said above good stopper but needs to improve his command of his area against corners and crosses.

    Did he get a contract offer and reject it, or did Barnsley decide not to make a permanent offer last time round? If they did guess then he will not be coming back.

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