I was looking at an on line advert for Goal Profits, a football trading website, offering a special deal with the Euros coming up. I was looking at their team of trading professionals who would be advising on how to make money, when up popped their Football Consultant, none other than Brian Stock, resplendent in his red and white Doncaster shirt.

My abiding memory of Brian is a Cup game at Barnsley about ten years ago, the Duffer clattered one of the Barnsley lads and the referee, a Mr Paul Tierney, in a shocking case of mistaken identity, showed the yellow to little Brian who just happened to be in the vicinity. Unfortunately Brian was already on a yellow and the red card soon followed. To his credit Brian didn't argue, he took the rap for his mate and walked off, leaving the Duffer standing there looking a bit sheepish, as well he might.