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Thread: Brighton New German Coach ?

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    Brighton New German Coach ?

    I see Brighton have dug out another possible gem appointing Fabian Hurzeler, 31 the German Coach of St Pauli who are known as a a very strong ball-playing team via strong ball possessing tactics, mmm. 🤔

    German media states he holds American, Swiss & German citizenship with a football philosophy of - "You're looking at his team that'll try to use its pace to get behind defences & create opportunities. The one thing that you can also add is that Hurzeler likes his teams to be quite flexible."

    "Sometimes they can be reactive but very rarely is that the case. In most cases, they like to dominate the game, be in control & have the foot-on-the-throat mantra."

    "We don't want to just beat you, we want to destroy - that resembles the way he reacts on the touchline. He is very passionate."

    Be an interesting appointment, for sure.
    Maybe Farke could add some of the above to his jib. 😊

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    Still not sure why we don’t seem to promote home grown talent in the coaching sphere as much as we might. There look to be some good, bright exciting coaches in the lower leagues who don’t get much chance of stepping up.

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    It's the "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" syndrome. It's prevelant in every business and enterprise. Can't tell you over the last 40 years how often some dumbass manager (no leader for sure) has gone outside to hire some bright and shiny object instead of promoting the internal person that knows the ropes and has proven themselves. The end result is always the same. The new manager comes in and changes up a bunch of things that don't need changing. Key people leave and eventually everyone under the stooge ends up without a raise or bonus or laid off. The new hire blames it all on a subpar group of employees....even thought that group has exceptional results before him.

    The same applies to football. I am curious, other than Klopp (austrian) has any german coach ever came in and did really well in the prem? I can't recall anyone.

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    Tuchel (won CL with Chalski) Rangnick, Marathe (took Fulham down), Wagner and some bloke who crap at Dudds

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopelesslyoptimistic View Post
    Still not sure why we don’t seem to promote home grown talent in the coaching sphere as much as we might. There look to be some good, bright exciting coaches in the lower leagues who don’t get much chance of stepping up.
    Was reading there has never been a WC winning team that was Managed by someone from a different nationality & with regard to domestic football certainly no German coaches in French Ligue 1 currently.

    Defo problems in England of the ‘fast-tracking’ of ex-players malarkey through special PFA (compensated) coaching courses which allow players to become A licence & Pro licence qualified coaches in a matter of weeks which is a total joke as FA fast tracking denies coaches of the invaluable-experience required, imo, as without grafting through the many mental coaching experiences, the lacking of them only leaves young coaches with the belief that if you fail, you are a "failure" which is ridiculous.

    So no real surprise why folks like Tony Adams, Paul Ince, Shearer, even Southgate (all getting high profile jobs) ended in failure.

    This kinda ‘fixed mindset’ is clearly preventing younger English coaches from developing into potentially great ones so they should'nt be given a quick route into jobs they aren’t ready for & they should not take such failure as confirmation of their poor quality either,imo.

    With English lower leagues full of English coaches then the real issue gotta be that the PL "top flight clubs are risk averse" surely.

    So if any young English coaches get a non-traditional PL team they'll need a miracle upon their hands to even stay up & forge a reputation for themselves, although Eddie Howe managed it eventually to be fair (but not at Burnley).

    The problem is always gonna be that your Bournemouths & Palaces are always gonna prefer an Iraola or a Glasner as they have the money & the PL pull to get coaches from other top leagues so why wouldn't they ?

    Also add, imo, today far too many ex-players take the safer easy route into media-punditry to weekly spout off the same diatribe of top experienced coaches alleged weaknesses without actually doing any coaching themselves at any levels is a negative scenario upon budding coaches too, likewise upon budding match officials.

    I note now that the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) & Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) have announced a new scheme to provide former players with a route into refereeing, which could see them reach the PL in a shorter timeframe now too. 😬

    Just saying. 🤗

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