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Thread: Southgate

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    How typical of him to bottle it, Game was crying out for Gordon

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    It was ****ing awful.

    Gordon and Palmer would have ripped them a new one.

    Instead goes for a couple of faves.

    If I was Gordon and Palmer I'd be seething at the treatment.

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    He's Bruce with a better nose.

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    Abysmal performance. Germany's young players (Wirz amd Musiala) ripping up the tournament while Palmer and Gordon have zero minutes between them.

    Square pegs in round holes all over the pitch.

    The man is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Kirkland View Post
    How typical of him to bottle it, Game was crying out for Gordon
    100%. His runs with the ball on the left would have relieved massive pressure. Switch Foden to 10, Bellingham to TAA position who is a passenger. Same old shiit yourself response when taking the lead. Everyone but Southgate sees it. Why go defensive against Denmark FFS with that squad?

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    Ticks the boxes though.

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    I saw nothing but a disjointed mess when Eze and Gallagher came on. It was an after thought and they looked like they hadn't ever trained together

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    I felt like flinging my beer at the TV after that game, as long as Southgate is in charge England is firked. The whole team played like a Sunday League outfit. Seems Gareth only plays his darlings, Gordon must have been sitting there spitting 'kin blood waiting to get on. Southgate has to be the worst manager the England team have ever had, they get a goal then he shuts them down and defends his lead same as the first game.

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    He’s playing Trippier as the only left sided player

    Foden is drifting into the middle, but Bellingham is there, so he’s ending up across on the right.

    Trent is pointless in there… if you’re playing a defender in the midfield he should be protecting the back line, he can’t tackle… so playing him centrally exposes him, and the defenders around him.

    If it’s for his passing, he’s a better crosser, so you’re then playing Saka, Trent, Walker and bloody Foden down the right

    And, the biggest problem is Southgate… he doesn’t make the changes when they should be made.

    Gordon on the left would give the balance.

    No point in putting Foden and Bellingham on the pitch together.

    Yes, they’re both great players, but if you’re planning on progressing in the tournament, then play them separately and look after them. It’s a small squad with games every three days.

    But Southgate, has no urgency in the team, he doesn’t put any expectation on them.

    In one hand saying, they’re young and inexperienced and are learning etc, basically giving them excuses… when he could have been playing these guys together instead of Henderson, Rashford and Maguire for the last 2 years.

    And saying that winning the competition is all about mentality, and that’s what makes the difference…

    He’s talking them down and giving excuses before a game is played…

    He should be telling that group of players that this is their chance.

    He should be out there in the media saying we’re going for this. We’ve got some of the best players in the world and they will thrive on the biggest stage…

    But instead he’s telling us this is a learning curve and they need to gel.

    He’s not showing that he has belief in the squad, he’s not showing any desire to win the tournament… just to not do bad in it.

    Those guys should be out there trying to win games, not trying to not lose them.

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    All his interviews are measured and thought out…

    ‘He speaks really well’… it’s not a time for diplomacy, this team should be fired up to win a battle.

    Take the game to the enemy, not want to sit down and invite them over for a cup of tea, which is what it seems Southgate wants.

    He should be thinking of this as his last tournament, his last chance to be a winner, when all he want to be is ‘not a loser’.

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